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Virginia featured in Ice Magazine

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Kilopop! snaps.

The 'Ice' Blurb:

Here's the story that ran with this feature...

Virginia look good and sound great, but they've been around a bit!

Take Laura. Born in Italy, raised in Paris and fluent in three languages, she was once described as 'bright, blonde and busty' by Italian Playboy.

With a life dedicated to passing her driving test, she enjoys fast living, fast men and fast bicycles!

Alison was a karaoke queen in Tokyo, but had to flee the country after a scandal with a Japanese Cabinet Minister.

Louise, meanwhile, has been an air stewardess, a New York club singer and an actress - she's even been in a Bond Film! All sound implausible? As they've been compared to Crosby, Stills and Nash - but with better legs - we'll give them the benefit of the doubt!

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