Client Testimonials

Warmfuzz Client Testimonials

"Working with Ian is a magical experience. He's a magician! And the nicest guy you'll ever work with." Nick Heyward,

"Be prepared to hear Ian howl at the moon like a coyote should you dare to sing out of tune in front of him!" Bob Kelly,

"As an artist what do you need from a studio engineer, someone professional, polite, quick and has constructive things to say. Ian was this and more. He cut the vocals and mixed my first album and I could not say enough good things about him. He has a solution to everything from a great mic to a great set of ears. I took his finished product in to the Senior Mastering Engineer at Abbey Road Studio's in London... yes ... the Beatles one... and he said it was one of the best sounding albums he'd heard, thats all credit to Ian." David Bradley,

"Working with Ian Shaw is a pleasure, he works quickly and efficiently, and has a great ear (or two) for detail. He is also a very amiable person with a great dry sense of humour and he makes great coffee in copious amounts that keep any sesson buzzing! :)" Michael Hill, Singer Songwriter

"Ian is fast, friendly and efficient. Even when I had to Skype in to the sessions, my rhythm tracks sound great." Bob Miller,

"I have worked with Ian Shaw for years on many tracks. Not only is he a wonderful producer but he has also been incredibly loyal and helpful to me in navigating the music industry. I've worked with many producers and Ian gets the best vocals by far." Karen Bishko,

"Ian Shaw is a bit of a legend, his studio is responsible for some of the most important indie records ever to come out of London." Billy Reeves, BBC London

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Ian Shaw - from an artist's point of view I found it so refreshing to work with someone who was understanding of what I wanted to achieve musically and willing to help me in doing so, whilst also bringing his own ideas and flavours into the production process. His ears are fantastic and, perhaps most importantly, he makes incredibly good coffee." Megan Henwood,

"Good British mixes with soul." Denis Blackham,

"Ian is one of the few chaps with ears, who's also a decent bloke and has a studio where nice little and great things can happen." Phil Knox-Roberts,

"We've made three albums and several EPs and singles with Ian in the last twelve years. Not only is he able to achieve technical miracles but he also knows a lot about music and is the nicest man you could ever wish to work with. He knows how to get the best sounds out of instruments and the best performance out of musicians, and is particularly good at vocals." Jessica Griffin,

"Ian has a great ear for detail and a passion for music that comes through in his recordings." Nikki Murray,

"I couldn't have won my New Music Weekly Awards in 2007 and 2009 without Ian Shaw." Matt Backer,

"The production assisted by Ian Shaw is a model of clarity, smooth and uncluttered, making this a very impressive debut." Blabbermouth album review in Rock 'n' Reel

"Just a thought, a mention to Ian Shaw who produced at Warmfuzz. Good sympathetic balances and nicely produced throughout." Blabbermouth album review in Making Music mag